July 2014

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Highland Beach Waterfront Condos

When customers ask about Highland Beach I am very surprised they have heard of the small little beachfront community. Most people usually know someone living in Highland Beach or just stumble across it. Before moving to Florida in 1979 I had never heard of the town except my grandparents retired from NJ and moved there in 1971. It was time to head off to college and what better place than Florida. Warm weather, beaches and girls in bilkini's. Spring Break in Ft. Lauderdale was the rage and I remember reading about it in a car magazine about cruising the strip.

Off to Highland Beach

1979 brought a hurricane to Florida just a few weeks before moving down. Back then driving down I-95 ended at PGA blvd in Palm Beach

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Boca Raton Then      &                  Now


 Letter from Michele

In 1962 at the age of six I was lucky enough to have my  parents move me out of the  armpit of New Jersey to Boca Raton. The first Boca Raton house we lived in was purchased for $12,000 in Boca Square. Orange groves,  horse,and cattle ranches  were standard sites to the west and the beach seemed all mine to explore to the east with a bike ride accompanied with my snorkel and fins. So I would ride to the inlet and pass by a grand old hotel at the inlet built by a man named Addison ..  The beach side was mine and I didn’t mind sharing it with a few fisherman . I didn’t mind sharing. We were both after ocean treasures.  I took quite a liking to living life

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Highland Beach waterfront condos for sale

A small stretch oceanfront property in between Boca Raton & Delray Beach lies Highland Beach. This sleepy little town had height restrictions on condominiums that they continued to enforce until they finally lost out a long battle and Toscana was built. The three towers were the tallest condos in Highland Beach and the sheer size removed some of the beachfront charm of Highland Beach. It became the luxury property of Highland Beach. Over 17 stories tall it dwarfed most of the condos which were limited to just 10 stories. Bigger isn't always better. Toscana was once just a vast wetlands area and the density of HIghland Beach projects had been controlled.

The other end of the spectrum was Seagate of Highland

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Looking to buy oceanfront condos in Boca Raton FL

My favorite show as a realtor is Bravo TV's Million Dollar Listing New York and the newest series Million Dollar Listing Miami. After watching the series I can't believe how inexpensive Florida real estate is here in Boca Raton and Palm Beach County compared to New York or Miami Beach. Of course my favorite character is Frederick on the New York show. He is always amusing and a get a great laugh out of him and he never holds back. He tells you like it is no matter if you want to hear it or like what he has to say but he is always right. After watching a season of Million Dollar Listing New York of course I had to watch the Miami show as this in right in our backyard. Miami had a building boom condo

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