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Search for single family Boca homes. East Boca Raton affords you beach lifestyles and a downtown location where you can walk to shops and restaurants.

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Boca Raton Homes for Sale


You have decided your not the condo type and a single family home near the beach is more to your liking. You see rows of oceanfront condos along the beach and very few single family homes. Usually just off the beach you will find an array of beachfront communities that may better suit your needs for that private home feel. You will find a few Boca Raton beach homes for sale within a short walk to the beach. Enjoy beachside living with the privacy of a single family home. You can have your dog, a pickup truck and maybe even your boat in your yard all within a short walk to the beach. Many condos are quite strict in regards to pets, trucks and motorcyles. This may be the perfect alternative for you.

Boca Raton Beach

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Boca Raton Beachfront homes

You want to live by the beach but you have a pickup truck, motorcycle or maybe a dog. You search for Boca Raton pet friendly condos and you just can't find a condo near the beach that will allow the above. It's 2015 they make $75,000 pickup trucks now and Harley Davidson motorcyles are $25,000 plus. You can't believe the condos still have the same rules from 1970. Most of the newer condos are a bit more liberal but those condos are usually over a million dollars. What's your next option? Maybe a townhouse will have less rules but there aren't many along the beach or they are to small. Let's look at beachfront homes.

Boca Raton beach homes

There are several single family home communities here in Boca Raton and Highland

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