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Condos on Singer Island for sale

Located in Northern Palm Beach County the barrier island is home to an array of various oceanfront condos as well as waterfront homes with deepwater boat access. Singer island features more luxury oceanfront condos than almost anywhere in Palm Beach County. During the building boom we saw many old hotels being replaced with luxury condos. Many of the condos are 2500 to 4000 ft.² and larger and feature all the amenities you could possibly want. Oceanfront condos such as the Ritz-Carlton,Oasis, Beachfront, One Singer Island are just a few names you want to look for. The other end of the spectrum offers the typical 1200 ft.² two-bedroom condo that was popular in the 70s. With an array of prices, amenities and sizes I'm sure

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Living in Singer Island


Why move to Singer Island? Maybe a view like this from your Singer Island condo would intice you to look. Imagine everyday, waking up to a morning sunrise over the crystal blue Atlantic Ocean. Maybe you can watch the Sea Turtles or Manatee swim along the beautiful sandy beaches. With mostly private beaches you can relax and not worry about crowds while siting on the beach. Forget busy beaches like up North. With so many oceanfront condos here on Singer Island I'm sure we can find a perfect one for you.

Which Singer Island Condo

The condos along the beach here range from 70's style condos all the way to the newest luxury condos on the beach. When you want luxury oceanfront condos in Singer Island we have more to chose

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Singer Island Ocean Condos

The newest and most luxurious oceanfront condos can be found on Singer Island. When the building boom started many old hotels were torn down and replaced with luxury oceanfront condos. No longer was 2,000 sq. ft enough living space. Buyers wanted double that space as many condos were now full time residences. The old feelings of a weekend or vacation home was not the case anymore. We are downsizing from 10,000 sq. ft homes and we want large condos now. Take a look at places like the Ritz Carlton, or the Beachfront on Singer Island. One Singer Island has 8,000 sq. ft Penthouse units as does the Ritz Carlton. If that is to much for you try the Water Glades or the Martinique. I'm sure we can find you that perfect oceanfront condo

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 condos in Singer Island

Finding a real estate agent. You start you search for a condo in Florida and end up on Singer Island. You want a real estate agent that is familar with the area. Which agent do you choose? Many large real estate companies have what they call buyers agents. What is a buyers agent? In most cases it is someone fresh out of real estate school who never sold a piece of property and may not even own their own home yet. Buying a home is a huge commitment so you may want to ask a few questions first.

How long have you been selling real estate?

How many homes have you sold? 

Have you lived in the area long?

Do you specialize in any particular are or property type?

Sure I could rattle back answers to all those questions but how

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Singer Island Condos

If you have been watching the real estate market here in Florida you will soon realize that prices have bottomed out and are climbing back up as inventory levels continue to fall. Gone are the spectaucular deals and the motivated sellers. We now are seeing frantic buyers and unmotivated sellers. The condos on Singer Island are no different. Even though many are second home purchases and not we have to buy right now your choices have become limited. What we see left are the condo units that are not the prime but more of a choice cut. Finding a direct oceanfront condo not only on Singer Island but even Jupiter or Juno is quite difficult. Sure you will find some units at the back of the building or in a back building but a direct unit

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Singer Island condos for sale 

Singer island was developed by the heirs of the singer sewing machine company. Really not in island but a peninsula as singer island is attached to Juno beach just north of MacArthur state Park. Singer island is more of a resort feel than either Juno beach or Jupiter. The condos down on singer island range in height from just several stories to over 40 stories in buildings such as the tiara. During the boom many old  hotels were taken down and replaced with luxury oceanfront condos. With so many new condos on singer island it draws people looking for a luxury lifestyle. With condos such as the Ritz-Carlton, ocean's edge, oasis, beachfront and one singer island are just a few of the luxury oceanfront condos here on singer

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                                 Singer Island Condos 

Many people have seen the revitalization of Singer Island in the past few years. The state has come in and added new street lights, sidewalks and landscaping. Gone is the old Florida tired beach community and we now are seeing luxury oceanfront condos on the island. The newest and hottest condo is the Ritz Carlton Singer Island, overlooking the widest part of Singer Island you can see down to the Breakers in Palm Beach. You are getting wonderful views of the Inlet, city and the Intracoastal. Sine being managed by the Ritz Carlton the old 2700 North has seen a surgence in sales. Many its not in your budget but you may want to look at The Tiarra which was remodeled after the hurricanes of 2004/2005

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Singer Island ocean condos

Thinking of an inexpensive oceanfront condo option in Singer Island. One of my favorites that fit that category is the Dunes Towers condos which is on the North end of Singer Island next door to Water Glades. The condos are located  at 5480 N Ocean Dr on Singer Island.  The condo management # (561) 848-8740. The East and West Towers are 4 floors per floor with the A & B being the direct oceanfront condos. The condo has a pool between the two towers as well as a club room and fitness center. Several condos do have carports but not all condos will have covered parking. The West tower offers wonderful Intracoastal views to the West as well as ocean views. My favorite unit is the East Tower unit A which is the NE corner. I usually

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Water Glades Singer Island

The Water Glades on Singer Island is located at the Northern end of Singer Island next to MacArthur State Park. The three condos sit on 11 acres of oceanfront property with the Intracoastal to the West. The three condos are all different heights and each has different rules. One building is pet friendly and does accept small pets. Each condo has four units per floor so every condo is a corner unit with two sides of sliders and balconies. One side of the balcony is wide while the other is just a small walkway size. The views from most of the Water Glades condos give you ocean and Intracoastal views. There are two pools and a clubhouse with 24 hour security. My favorite stacks are the A & B stacks which give you the best

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         Singer Island Real Estate

Singer Island is part of Northern Palm Beach County and sits just South of Juno Beach and North of Palm Beach. The close proximity to the West Palm Beach Airport  makes Singer Island Real Estate popular among snowbirds. Singer Island has both oceanfront condos and single family homes and includes the small town of Palm Beach Shores. The island has always been a popular vacation destinantion with many small hotels and motels on the beaches. During the building boom many older small motels were sold and replaced with luxury condos such as The Ritz Carlton-Singer Island, Beachfront, Ocean's Edge and Oasis.

With the building boom Singer Island oceanfront condos have more luxury condos than most other areas including

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